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Interview about Coups de coeur

The 4th edition of Coups de coeur is presented at TOHU from February 20th to March 2nd 2019. We asked Anthony Venisse, staging director, a few questions about the show.

– How does your creative process work?

My creative process varies from project to project. The angle of attack is not always the same. For Coups de coeur, it started out as a desire to play on space. Working with the outrageousness of the venue while giving space for intimacy to exist. Recreating the warm and cozy atmosphere of big tops and the universe of cabarets. A few symbolic elements, such as a ring, a chandelier, mirrors, as well as the red curtain from which artists come in and out.


– How did you adapt the staging to unify the various acts?

In its traditional form, the unity of the cabaret is kept by the master of ceremonies and the orchestral interventions all through the evening. We are no exception with our ring master Gloria (Mooky Cornish) and our one-man band (Quentin Marotine). The show’s harmony can be felt between the acts whereas contrast and diversity arise in them.


– What can we expect from this year’s Coups de cœur?

I wanted to emphasize on the magic of TOHU’s venue, and the emotion generated by acrobatic art. The show is constructed as a journey across the various universes introduced by the artists. We play with intimacy’s contrast on a 20-foot ring (instead of the usual 40 feet) and the excessiveness of the 60-foot ceiling’s height. The show will be as crazy as it will be funny with the help of Gloria, our master of ceremonies.


– What are the challenges of a show like this one?

What’s complicated with this kind of event is that the artists come with diverse and varied backgrounds. They are used to playing with various universes. The challenge is to get everyone to work around a theme “the spiegeltent”, and to interconnect all of it with the master of ceremonies. There are also technical and artistic constraints which need to be taken into account.


– What is you wish for TOHU on its 15th anniversary?

That TOHU’s outreach be more and more present in the province as well as at the international level. And to carry on educating the public in order for them to understand that circus is broad and wide.



Contact us:
Tickets: +1 514 376-TOHU (8648)
Toll Free: 1 888 376-TOHU (8648)
Administrative Offices: +1 514 374-3522


Contact us:
Tickets: +1 514 376-TOHU (8648)
Toll Free: 1 888 376-TOHU (8648)
Administrative Offices: +1 514 374-3522